About Me

My Journey

My Name Is Jeremy Jacobson. I'm a senior in high school at Beaver Country Day School. Next year, I will go to St. Louis to study architecture at Washington University. My interest in architecture arose from my art, where I became fascinated in buildings as my subjects. I've been making art since I can remember, but at some point, I became lost in my artistic journey. I became devoted to making art as realistic as possible—drawings that looked like photos. The pressure I put on myself to perfect each and every stroke overtook the greater joy of creating a composition. So, I started painting landscapes—a subject where the perfection of each and every stroke is not needed to create a successful composition. Still, creating landscape paintings took countless hours—weeks if not months. So, I tried the landscape painting technique Bob Ross popularized: wet-on-wet oil painting.

For the past year or so I've been practicing the technique, producing dozens of paintings. Yet, I've wanted to add more meaning, to add purpose. This is where the idea for Happy Trees Project was born.